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Fresh healthy food for cats

Real Meat • Freshly Prepared • Direct to Cat Flaps

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Human-quality meat

Nutritionally complete

Free delivery


Human-quality meat

Nutritionally complete

Free delivery


Cheeky Chicken

80% Chicken thigh. 20% Chicken heart & liver.
0% funny business.

Tasty Turkey

80% Turkey thigh. 20% Chicken heart & liver
0% funny business.

Bangin' Beef

80% Beef trim. 20% Ox Heart.
0% funny business.

We’re putting the food back into cat food (at an affordable price for cat parents!)

Did you know that cat food only needs to contain “4%” real meat to be labelled as “with chicken.” And the other 96%? We’re here to change that.

Only 100% real, meat. No more guesswork.

No animal or meat derivatives from an abattoir floor here.

Only species appropriate ingredients.

No cheap grains, preservatives, vegetables or fruits here.

We’re 20% cheaper than other “premium” brands.

…. and have 2x the protein content!

Our food

Here’s how fresh, personalised food makes a difference 😺

"Cleaner poop"

“Her poop is so much cleaner and doesn’t smell anymore!”

“Softer and shinier fur”

“Her fur is softer and shinier since we subscribed to Purfectly Fresh”

“More energy”

“He’s like a new cat since we started Purfectly Fresh”

“Fussy eater approved”

“We came across Purfectly Fresh and it changed our lives.”

How your subscription works

Three simple steps to freshen up your cat's diet


Tell us about your cat or kitten

It takes 2-minutes. We'll create a personalised plan and pricing.


We cook their personalised plan

And we’ll deliver it every 2, 4 or 6-weeks to your door for free.


Adjust or cancel. Anytime

Change, pause or cancel anytime from your account.

Build your box now

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High quality, fresh cat food has never been so affordable.

Purfectly Fresh
Price per day £1.00 £1.10
Protein % 20% 2%
Real Meat 20% 2%

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