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Our Story

I have cat(s) in my family Build my box now

Where it all started

With Covid-19 forcing us to work from home, I ended up working in an office that also housed our litter tray! Quickly I noticed, like many other cat parents will know, that the smell was awful. I thought there must be a way to solve this and diet was the natural solution.

Early 2020

An idea is born

I started doing my own research into feline nutrition and looking at the many different cat food products out there. I quickly realised that the quality of super market brands was terrible and the range was very limited. Even premium brands were using low quality ingredients and sneaky marketing tricks to make their food seem better than it actually was!

Mid 2020

An idea turns to reality

Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to home-cook food for our cats as this seemed the only way to create a truly species-appropriate diet. It was a hit with Teddy and Belle straight away. After dozens of conversations with veterinary and pet nutrition experts our Purfectly Fresh recipes were born!


Shipping to cat flaps across the UK

After introducing our family and friend's cats to our Purfectly Fresh recipes and hearing that they were seeing real improvements in their cats we decided to create Purfectly Fresh so we can share our food with cats across the UK!

Early 2021

Here’s how fresh, personalised food makes a difference 😺

"Cleaner poop"

“Her poop is so much cleaner and doesn’t smell anymore!”

“Softer and shinier fur”

“Her fur is softer and shinier since we subscribed to Purfectly Fresh”

“More energy”

“He’s like a new cat since we started Purfectly Fresh”

“Fussy eater approved”

“We came across Purfectly Fresh and it changed our lives.”

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